woensdag 28 augustus 2013

Problem with frozen/slow shutter time's

Not that this is the best way to go about this.
but in some cases its simply only a choice to try this or leaf it as it is.
because taking it apart en cleaning it up your self requires tools and nonage/experience you may not have jet.
and letting it been repaired usually makes no sense with cheaper cameras because it is that probably wiser to just buy a other one.

but to make a long story a little bit shorter. I was working on my bike and noticed that this spray called Cyclon Pronto Spray. cleaned up the mechanical parts of my shifter in a instance by dissolving the old oil that was hardened out and simply just dirty.

so later i was thinking maybe this also would work on mechanical cameras like SLR's how are a bit sensitive to grease or oil thats dirty ands slows some parts down so the camera don't work properly. so I did spray it around the shutter speed dual in particular on this Zenit because that seems to be slowed down by something. and after using the shutter a view times it works like new.
and this was also for my old/corroded looking AXA IIa

but the only thing to keep in mind is that is dissolves the oil! and dirt. and it was there for a reason the oil at least haha.
but if extra ware on the mechanics is the price of having a working camera. or one most would consider a broken camera or not worth fixing camera than the choice to me is easy.

and another this is keep in mind its aggressive stuff so be careful with it on plastic or your lenses in case you can't remove them. and shutters made of fabric. it could do some damage to it. to my AXA and Zenit it doesn't seem to much harm but you never know what will happen over time with it because of it.
so don't try to drown your camera with this spray just a little bit on the right places should be enough